We solve all that publishers need
for the sale of advertisement inventory and ad campaign management

As publishers you deal with many tasks. You need to manage your advertising inventory effectively, offer all advertising formats to advertisers and have convenient reporting tools. We offer you solution to manage content monetization easily.

Solution for publishers

Manage both direct and automated campaigns

In one interface you can easily manage campaigns ordered by your clients directly, as well as those purchased via automated advertising market. You will get complete reporting of fill rate of your inventory, automatic watching of set goals, as well as invoicing data.


iBILLBOARD Ad Server will be your key component for the management of advertisement inventory and its direct sales to the advertisers. If you connect it with our other product iBILLBOARD SSP, you can further increase your monetization via programmatic sales.

  • You can offer your advertisers all available advertisement formats including Rich-media, mobile, video and html5 ads.
  • You have wide range sale models available - CPT, CPC, CPL, CPA, CPUu, CPTime, including automatic eCPM optimization.
  • You can watch the statistics of usage of advertising inventory in real time, as well as creative functionality preview.
  • You can offer your advertisers detailed reporting of their campaigns.
  • You will measure and report true audition data independent on cookies, and even real Viewable Impressions.
  • You can easily extend the campaigns with the 3rd-party user data, own creative and mobile scripts.
  • You can set up user rights on very detailed levels.

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Offer all advertisment formats

You can display desktop, mobile and video ads without any problems. For the video advertisement, you can use Video Ad Server, which instantly communicates with your integrated video player.

iBILLBOARD Video Ad Server

iBILLBOARD Video Ad Server is an effective system for the emission of video ads. It allows management and display of video advertising within your audiovisual content.
  • You can use it with any VAST video player.
  • You can offer all types of linear ads to the advertisers - Pre/Mid/Post Roll, Wrapper a Backfill
  • You can effortlessly work with the targeting, display frequency, blacklisting, user data and third party user profiles.
  • You will have all metrics according to the VAST standards available in the reporting.

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Manage sale of inventory via programmatic

Manage your inventory effectively and offer it to advertisers via the programmatic. Greater amounts of advertisers will drive up the demand and bring increase to the price as well.


iBILLBOARD SSP is the platform for the programmatic sale of advertising inventory. In connection with the iBILLBOARD Ad Server it will let you combine direct and programmatic sale of advertising inventory to the local and international advertisers.

  • You will ensure the automatic sale of advertising inventory with compliance to the business goals of the direct campaigns.
  • You can allow selected advertisers to access special conditions for the guaranteed programmatic sales in the form of Private Deals.
  • The system is connected to dozens of advertising platforms -DSP, enabling you to automatically offer your advertising inventory to the advertisers.
  • You can set up different prices for different levels your advertising inventory based on your priorities.
  • The operation of the automated sales will be simple and will save you time.

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Manage all in one place

Services of iBILLBOARD Ad Server and SSP can work either on their own or together in one interface. As your needs grow, you can also use other services for the publishers.

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Technology for advertisers

Solutions for purchase of advertising placements with use of fully automated platform.

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