Our long-term work builds mutually
beneficial relationships between publishers and advertisers

Who we are

Our mission is to help publishers and advertisers to use the online ad inventory to the satisfaction of both parties. Our strengths are the technologies itself, but also a personal approach in solution implementation as well as the following technical support in local languages. We focus on the advertising markets all over Europe. We have local branches in the Czech Republic, Poland and Turkey.

The company Internet BillBoard has been active on the online advertising market since 1999. With the development of technology and content of the Internet, we constantly innovate and improve. Among our successful advertising systems of the past were exchange network BillBoard, specialized systems BB Media, BB Kontext, BB Text, BB Efekt and Intext. We are currently focusing on the development of new systems within the Ströer Group, under the Ströer labs brand.

Our values

Balance of relationships, personal approach, superior quality, technological development and long-term growth - these are our cornerstones. If we know why and where we are heading, reaching the right goals is easy for both us and our clients.

Balance of relationships

We pride ourselves on the fair approach both within our team and on media market.

Personal approach

Our employees or clients are not seen as random number in a line.

Technological development

We are constantly learning, investing and developing new technologies, practices and services.

Long-term growth

We have been growing since 1999 and we are not planning to stop anytime soon.

Our team