Monetization of publisher's advertising inventory and campaign management

over 90 publishers

use our systems

in 12 countries

our systems are used

20 million unique users

sees our ads every day

500 million impressions

are served daily

160 million impressions

are offered daily via SSP

50 connected DSP

actively purchasing advertising platforms

Monetization for publishers

Infrastructure for advanced management and monetization of advertising space.

Maximize the profits from advertising and make your advertisers satisfied.

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Campaign management by advertisers

Environment for advertising management and purchase from single place with the help of real-time bidding.

Use the programmatic purchase of advertising space at the key publishers and media houses on market.

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Cooperation with the market leader
brings results

Good-to-know key qualities.

We are always near. We boast local customer support (both business and technical) in the Czech Republic, Poland and Turkey.
You do not need to compromise. Work with display, video and mobile advertisement and use payment models that suit your goals.
Direct advertising sales with no limitations. Management of your ad inventory sold directly or automatically, via the auction system, from one place.
React flexibly to the current situation. Our solution reflects quickly and innovatively on the market development, technology and specific needs.