Advertise effectively on premium websites
with RTB

Whether you take care of your brand image or you simply advertise, you want to display your advertisement to the right audience on the premium websites and positions. If you look for simplification of direct negotiations with the publishers, you are in the right place. iBILLBOARD RTB platform will easily get your advertisement to the proper placements. Take a tour via its functionalities.


Big selection of premium inventory

Major publishers and their websites from all over Europe are connected to the advertising system. Purchase all your ad placements from one place.

Automated campaign management

iBILLBOARD RTB will be a great help with the management, optimization and reporting of your ad campaigns. All changes to settings are reflected immediately. Automated optimization will take care of the performance and achievement of goals.

Effective auction purchase

iBILLBOARD RTB manages demand for different placements and targeting in real time. Thanks to the auction model you will purchase ad inventory for better value, considering budgets and goals of your campaigns.

Suited for all types of advertising campaigns

Great advantage is the usability for all types of advertising campaigns. Thanks to variable purchase models and corresponding optimization you will achieve great results with the image campaigns, where your goal is the biggest reach of the target audience as well as with the performance campaigns, focused on return of the advertising investments.

Handy functions of the iBILLBOARD RTB


  • Advertising can be purchased on the whole network or in selected categories.
  • The system automatically optimizes the ad campaign according to the set goals.
  • Blacklisting allows selecting websites and list of categories, where you do not want to display your advertisement.
  • Frequency for display of advertisement to specific users can be set up.
  • Geographic targeting is also available.

For those interested, we make following offer available:

  • Private Deals functionality enabling purchase with individual conditions, agreed with specific publisher.
  • Retargeting allows displaying your campaign to users on the basis of their previously performed action.
  • Thanks to detailed conversion tracking you will have perfect overview on the effectiveness of targeting and performance of the ad campaign.

iBILLBOARD RTB will get your advertising to the premium content in all Europe

  • Number of sites
    1 800

  • Purchase options
    6.3 bil.

  • User reach

  • Local support

Statistky podle států

Czech republic

  • Number of sites: 450
  • Purchase options: 2 300 000 000
  • User reach: 91%
  • Local support:


  • Number of sites: 1 000
  • Purchase options: 2 800 000 000
  • User reach: 86%
  • Local support:


  • Number of sites: 30
  • Purchase options: 250 000 000
  • User reach: 78%


  • Number of sites: 45
  • Purchase options: 2 300 000 000
  • User reach: 60%


  • Number of sites: 90
  • Purchase options: 300 000 000
  • User reach: 81%
  • Local support:


  • Number of sites: 50
  • Purchase options: 350 000 000
  • User reach: 50%
  • Local support:


  • Number of sites: 35
  • Purchase options: 120 000 000
  • User reach: 70%


  • Number of sites: 20
  • Purchase options: 10 000 000
  • User reach: 66%

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